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Research Programs
ALTUS LSA is actively participating in numerous national and EU funded Research and Development programs. Some Indicative are:
Project #1

Smart UNattended airborne sensor Network for detection of vessels used for cross border crime and irregular entrY

Webpage: http://www.sunnyproject.eu/

Description: The SUNNY project aims to develop system solutions capable of improving the  effectiveness of the EU border monitoring compared to the legacy systems, whilst keeping the affordability and interoperability as key enabling factors. Via the integration of technologies developed across different initiatives, the SUNNY approach will deliver pre-processed  information with meaningful decision support tools enabling the reduction of number and required level of expertise of border surveillance personnel.

SUNNY main features beyond existing research projects:
• A two-tier intelligent heterogeneous UAV sensor network
• Novel sensors and on-board processing generation, integrated on UAV system
• Exploitation and adaptation of emerging standard wireless technologies and
architectures to the SUNNY scenarios


Project #2

 Name: FERMIS 
Fire Event Remote Management Information System


Description: The main goal of this project is to design, develop and demonstrate a comprehensive solution for early fire detection, prevention, monitoring, prediction and fire-fighting, by the use of advanced and integrated aerial sensing system coupled with innovative sensors and a cloud-based architecture software.


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