Altus LSA successfully develops and delivers a BUOY marine platform with an integrated Telemetry System to the NATO FORACS Naval Service.

The platform itself is an innovative prototype equipped with specific electronic arrangements in order to be utilized for calibration of sensors on-board surface ships. The telemetry system architecture is built according to SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system principles and enables continuous remote monitoring and control of each individual electronic module installed inside the platform, optimizing reliability and safety. The remote control and monitoring station comprises of a fully customizable ruggedized peli case with an integrated PLC unit and a complete set of data links which connected to a laptop pc running a customized SCADA HMI application offers great mobility and flexibility. Additional system highlights are complete power autonomy based on solar powered power supply system, platform position tracking via GPS data, wireless Ethernet and Serial getaway for data transfer purposes and an intruder alarm arrangement.