ALTUS LSA support on the Thassos Forest Fires damage assessment

From 10 to 14 of September 2016, destructive Forest Fires plagued the Greek island of Thassos. During these 4 days, more than 140,000,000 m2 (140 square Km) have been claimed by the fire and dozens of houses and human constructions have been damaged or completely destroyed.

As a follow up action the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks (ΥΠΟΜΕΔΙ) initiated the damage assessment for the affected areas. However as Thassos is comprised of very rough-mountainous terrain, with limited to no accessibility on remote mountainous areas, aerial support has been requested.

ALTUS close partner National Observatory of Athens (NOA) has responded to this urgent call, and using its own UAV assets and ALTUS operational support, managed to successfully complete the damage assessment project in a few days.

More specifically, ALTUS team organized the operational planning, executed all flights meeting the mission demands and covered the areas of interest providing inputs of very high quality orthophotos (up to 5cm/pixel resolution).

NOA team started afterwards the further processing these geo-tagged high quality imagery using the latest smart software solutions, creating very precise orthomosaics and 3D models, in order to make these inputs easily available to the Ministry to support the identification of destroyed properties and further government actions.


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National Observatory of Anthens

Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks